Eco laundry habits

Eco laundry habits

How can you impact the future?  One of the main ways is washing your clothes correctly.

You did a great thing buying clothes made from recycled material...but we have some news for you, almost two-thirds of clothes’ carbon footprint occur after you buy them.  So good news/bad news…. a lot of work is going to fall on you. The good news is that it’s really not very hard to take care of your clothes in a low impact way. You brush your teeth everyday, shower, put on pants...this isn’t much harder.


Wash clothes when needed

Everyone wants to lower their water bill, and that fancy eco detergent is expensive!  So the best (and most obvious) solution is to wash your clothes WHEN NEEDED! Your clothes will last longer (less faded colors) and you just have to keep an eye on how they smell.  There is a pretty strange solution as well for can’t put your jeans in the freezer! Yeah we didn’t think you would do it, but try it out sometime.


Hang dry

Dryers are the gas guzzler of home appliances they will burn through energy.  Just hang drying clothes during the summer can reduce carbon emissions 30%. It’s like driving a hybrid car 1,800 miles, just hang drying can save you that trip!   Also you might catch some fresh spring air smell in there.


Wash on cold

Please, wash your clothes on “Cold”, not just for energy but it will save your clothes too, heat breaks down the fibers in clothes! Also, switching from hot water to cold or warm can help prevent hundres of kilos of CO2 from entering the atmosphere via your water heater!

Any tips and tricks you use at home are welcome in the comments!

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